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Since 1968, General Trade has been designing and manufacturing powder and liquid coating equipment and plants for the painting sector and for treating metal, wood, plastic and aluminium surfaces … .

The extensive experience acquired in the sector have made General Trade one of the major manufacturers of coating equipment.

Our company manufactures:

Machinery and equipment for creating wood-marble effects on aluminium profiles:

  • Patented system for creating wood effect powder on powder Real Wood
  • Film transfer machinery Jetsystem
  • Hot transfer system.
  • Special HTS film supply.
  • Special HTS powders supply.

Our company has acquired a lead position on the market of machinery and systems for wood effect coating and decorating, and thanks to the Real Wood System, the coating world, especially that of aluminium frames, can now benefit from the advantages of the high external strength of polyester powders, including in the field of wood effect decoration.

The powder on powder system ensures excellent aesthetic quality enhanced by a broad variety of available effects, very high resistance to U.V. rays and low production costs.

Our customers around the world:

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